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Awaiting Dawn

You’re sitting at the top of the hill just outside the city of Dawnton, watching the sunrise. Today is your last day of military service before you get to go home for a month.

You’ve commanded your lieutenants to meet at in your quarters just after dawn, as usual. But in the minutes that remain, you read one of the scrolls that the Ancients left behind over a millennia ago. The words are comforting, exhorting you to continue to serve Elohim with all your heart.

Until you read the last sentence.

This sentence has bothered you throughout all your years of leadership. It’s a prophecy.

“On the day of reckoning, the lion will lie down with the lamb, but a little child will lead them.“

Peering into the distance, you notice a messenger charging up the hill. When he reaches you, he is nearly out of breath.

“They’re coming!“ he says.

“Who is coming?“ You say.


You gasp, fully aware that the neighboring kingdom’s army is over twice your size. You panic because you don’t know their intentions. No one does. Your scouts have reported King Rolph of Rancor working on several unintelligible projects.

You hurry back to your quarters with the messenger. Your lieutenants are waiting.

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