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What’s After Thoughts Of Kings?

Thoughts Of Kings - Short Story by Christian fantasy author Issak Friesen

Thoughts Of Kings is finally released. It launched in the first month of April 2024, and I feel it was well received so far. Many people were excited (or so I was always told by many) for me beginning the process of releasing books.

I understand that Thoughts Of Kings is not a huge book. Rather, it’s a shorter novel focused on a series set in the same world as the epic series I’m planning. If you were one of the readers who bought Thoughts Of Kings (thank you so much by the way), you’ll discover as you read the story that it has multiple parts of the plot that are incomplete. This is by design. There’s more of a story to be told yet.

But, as of the time of this writing, you may be asking yourself, “What’s next?” or “When is the next book coming?” I wish I had concrete answers for you. Although I only send out a few emails a year, anyone on my email list will be the first to know about a future book release.

But what is my next project? Long story short, I needed a few months to complete a few other things in my life. I had a couple other projects on the go that needed more of my immediate attention (one of those being having a son and learning to parent even though that’ll be a lifetime thing).

But I feel as though I’m finally beginning to catch up with a few of my other things, which will give me more time to totally pursue writing my next project.

What will my next project be? I can’t totally say, as I’m caught between writing a book in another series that I’ve been longing to write or writing Lies Of Kings, which would be the book following Thoughts Of Kings.

Within the next few weeks, I plan to begin the writing process again, at which point I will write another update.

A special thanks again to everyone who ordered Thoughts Of Kings so far. I look forward to writing more meaningful Christian stories.

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