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What Makes Thoughts Of Kings A Good Book?

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What makes Thoughts Of Kings a good book?

Now I know what this sounds like… but hear me out. A good book isn’t categorized as a good book unless you, as a reader, experience at least 1 of these 3 things:

  1. You thoroughly enjoyed the time you spent looking at the black words on a white page
  2. You learned something from the book that you plan to apply to your life
  3. You discovered more about who you are (especially who you are in Christ)

I want to dive just a little deeper into each of these. Then, I’ll give an answer for how Thoughts Of Kings can help you experience all 3, which will (hopefully) be convincing enough for you to preorder a copy for yourself.

1. Enjoying Your Time Reading

If you think about reading, you’ll realize that it’s a rather strange thing. You look at splotches of ink on a page and your brain processes it to help you understand whatever information is intended to be displayed.

That’s a very blunt way of saying it, but I believe reading is more powerful than that. In fact, we know it’s more powerful than that. How many times have you ever heard the saying “The book was way better than the movie”?

There’s a reason for that. Although Hollywood is good at creating captivating stories and displaying them visually, nothing can or ever will compete with the human mind. It’s part of what sets humans apart from all other creatures. It’s the part of us that reflects the image of God.

Whenever we read fiction, it triggers the imagination part of the brain that nothing else can trigger. Did you know there is an area in your brain that is specifically for translating and processing words? It’s called the Wernicke’s area.

The best part about reading books is when you can truly enjoy and envision the book, as though it is happening in real life. This is only possible if you truly believe that it is worth it for you to sit down and envision a story for the enjoyment of experiencing another world.

How will Thoughts Of Kings help you with enjoyment?

Thoughts Of Kings is written with short chapters so you can pop in a chapter at any time. Every chapter ends in a way that will encourage you to read further, while also solving some form of problem (even if it raises others).

I tried to write the characters in a way that makes them relatable, as well as maintaining Biblical accuracy. I did take the artistic liberty to explore a few more human flaws, which is why there will be some details you won’t find in the Bible.

This is all done to make it a truly enjoyable experience, even for non-readers.

2. Learning From What You’re Reading

“Whenever you stop reading, you stop learning.” I know this is a vague statement, but it’s true (up to a point). The same thing applies when reverse it. But what if you can read for enjoyment and learn at the same time?

This is truly what only the best fiction does. If the only purpose stories have is to take you out of reality for a moment, it is pretty pointless fiction. But the best fiction you’ll ever find combines that with a learning process. As the characters learn things, you’ll often find yourself learning things as well.

How will Thoughts Of Kings help you with learning?

I wrote Thoughts Of Kings in a way that would help bring a few questions to mind. Hopefully the answers to those questions (which the characters discover later in the story) are satisfying enough to bring solid answers. I wanted it to promote our dependance on God for all things, as well as our calling out to Him whenever we find ourself in a situation that doesn’t make any sense.

3. Discovering Who You Are

As humans, we are in a constant state of change. Believe it or not, that is actually a good thing. And because of this, we seem to constantly redefine who we are and what our place is in this world.

But that’s where Christians are different. We don’t need to rediscover it. We simply need to readjust our focus. Often, Christian fiction is written to explore characters struggling with issues that the author is struggling with. The reason for this is to shed light on how to overcome these issues.

If the author wants to glorify God, He must be the center of the character’s overcoming, while also making the character enough of a hero to bring a satisfying conclusion.

How does Thoughts Of Kings do this?

In writing David’s story, I did make a few key differences from what you’d read in the Bible. As I’ve already mentioned, I did this using an artistic liberty I believe we have been given by God. Didn’t Jesus also tell stories that display how God acts with regard to His children?

Thoughts Of Kings is mainly the story of how Temiro (Saul) hunts Tavita (David), while Tavita struggles to find his place in the world. Tavita is chosen by his creator to be a leader, but he needs to focus on his creator in order to understand how he will lead the kingdom.

I also spent a little bit of time developing Temiro (Saul) to show the struggle within him when the spirit of God left him and the spirit of anger overtook him, causing him to make decisions that ultimately cost him his life.

Preorder Your Copy

Does this sounds like a story that you’d like to discover for yourself? And remember, the story will continue with a second book coming later next year!

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