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Thoughts Of Kings
Sneak Peek #1

Here's a scene sneak peek in
Thoughts Of Kings...

Here’s what you’ll find in this scene…

  • The introduction to one of the main characters
  • Bravery displayed by experience
  • A picture of how God protects His children
  • A cliffhanger that leads to the main calling (and vision) of the story
Thoughts Of Kings - Short Story by Christian fantasy author Issak Friesen - Sneak peek

Tavita buried his sandals deeper into the dirt as he watched the bear on the other side of the bush. Hopefully it hadn’t seen him yet. He glanced the direction the bear faced. His sheep. It had come for a meal. But today wasn’t going to be a day where he lost another one. Not again.

He strengthened his grip on his bow, pulling back the drawstring, careful not to spook the bear. A few moments passed. He slowly made his way from behind the bush to an optimal shooting position.

Whomp. The arrow zipped through the air and the beast thumped to the ground. He’d struck it directly in the lung. His sheep bellowed and scurried around in a panic. He blew his horn, which was amended to a softer sound. His sheep gathered around him, slowly growing calmer as though they knew their master just protected them from imminent danger.

He counted to be sure all had followed his call. When all were accounted for, he started his march back to the fold. Although it was earlier than usual, they’d had enough pasture for a day anyways. He first needed to clear the area to make sure there weren’t any more beasts waiting to snag another one of his sheep.

Just as he closed the fold door, he heard footsteps approaching.

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  1. Sounds like this would be the perfect book I could read to my Sunday school class. We’ve been on a search, but haven’t found a book so we will in the meantime look forward to the stories we get for now:) and support you with our prayers

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