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Oblivion is book one of The Oblivion Files, which is a Christian fantasy and dystopian suspense book series where Christian author Issak Friesen explores the truth behind Redemption.

Parker Johnson’s world is turned upside down when he wakes up to a collapsed world caused by a deadly virus that infects everything in its path. After scrambling to figure out what’s going on, he finds a group of survivors who are on their way to a small town across the country known only as Redemption, which is rumored to provide a cure and safety to all who come. Parker decides to join them, thinking this might be the easiest way out of the crisis, but they are met with opposition…

Perhaps greater opposition than Parker is willing to combat with…

As Parker and the group venture towards Redemption, it becomes clear they’ll need to sacrifice more than first anticipated. But how much is he willing to sacrifice? Perhaps he’ll need to offer his very soul…



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