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January 2024 Writing Update

Issak Friesen Writing Update

Current Progress

I’m currently finishing up my last pages in Thoughts Of Kings. I plan to have the advance reader copies ready to send out by the end of February or first week in March. If you want a free copy of Thoughts Of Kings in return for giving an honest review on Amazon on release day, use the contact me form at the bottom of this page and send me a message saying “Send me one” and include your address.

Thoughts Of Kings (New Cover Design)

Thought Of Kings is nearing completion. I couldn’t do this without your support in prayer and in your expressions of eagerness while you wait for the book’s release. I’m excited to have you on my team! I can’t wait for April, because I’m excited for you to enjoy Thoughts Of Kings as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Also, I updated the cover design, because the other one wasn’t finalized yet.

If you haven’t preordered it yet, there’s still time to preorder to help unlock the bonuses you’ll find on the preorder page.

Lies Of Kings

Cover Coming Soon

This is the next book in the series! It will continue Tavita’s story where he’s actually the king of Ardor. Stay tuned for February’s Writing Update where I plan to share the premise of the story, as well as a few other interesting details, such as the cover!

An Ending Teaser

If you’ve ever looked at the map of Etherium on my website’s home page (which is the world where my stories take place), you’ll notice the Everfrost covering the northern section of the continent. Did you know that it once almost covered the entire continent?

In a world of evil vs good, it all came down to the fate of one man making a decision to fight back against the evil King Rolph, who wanted to use his trickery and darkness to cast the entire land into an everlasting winter storm. But what was this fateful choice and what was the cost?

It’s a story of heroism combined with weakness. It’s also a story of true leadership, despite the odds.

The story is being written and recorded, so stay tuned in future writing updates to see when it’s coming!

Look out for February’s update to see the timeline of story releases!

Thanks for joining me in this update!

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