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Christian Fantasy Author Issak Friesen

My vision is simple: connect people to truth through captivating stories.

God is good, and everything He created was good. He is the origin of storytelling and our passion for stories comes from the fact that we bear His image.

So if stories are an expression of what it means to be human, why does the majority of fiction need to be mindless jargon that we should stay away from? Why do we need to feel guilty about what we’re reading, as though we should replace it with something “better”?

God has worked in my life to bring me to a point where I’m committed to bringing more meaningful fiction into the market. He’s given me a passion for fiction that reveals truth, even if that means exploring things we don’t like to talk about.

How does it work? In order for fiction to grasp our hearts and change us from the inside out, it needs to include characters as broken as we are, who go through a transformational process that makes them a better person.

Coming from a Christian worldview, fiction can point us back to God and His finished redemptive work on the cross of Christ, explore meaningful truths of the daily Christian life, or include examples of how we can love our neighbour as ourself.

Fiction doesn’t need to be pointless.

How do I plan to execute that vision?

I plan on writing a series of books and short stories that are all connected in the same universe. These books will be an allegory of the entire history of the Bible.

I plan to explore these topics:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Passion
  • Faith
  • Redemption
  • Love
  • Trust
  • etc…

Having said that, we all know that this is a gigantic goal that will take me many years to complete (and many failed attempts). Nevertheless, I want to not lose hope.

Although I can’t see the full image now for what this’ll look like, I will continue forward, making progress, book by book, story by story.

How can you support me in my vision?

1. Pray For Me

Everything I do is based on the spiritual realm, which is very real and can sometimes influence us in negative ways. I need strength to make the right choices and bank on God for the strength to do His will. The only way to get that is by praying and trusting in God to deliver.

2. Sign Up To My Email List

Big publishing companies look at what kind of audiences authors already have in place. If the audience is small, there’s almost no chance for a book deal. If the audience is large, there’s huge potential for a book deal. So yes, every subscriber I have is another person who would vouch for me by showing their interest if I got to publish a book. I value every subscriber.

3. Encourage Others To Visit My Website By Sharing It

Sharing a website is one of the greatest ways you could by a part of my team. I won’t be able to do this without people who share.

A Personal Request

Over the next while, I plan on doing a few things that will not be possible unless I have your support, mainly support in prayer.

I plan to release things that will be both exciting and new, but it will only be available to those who are on my email list. So if you think you can find someone who will be interested, please share this web page with them using the button on the bottom.

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