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December 2023 Writing Update

Issak Friesen Writing Update

A Little Backstory

I’ve been stewing around with book/story ideas since I was in the 7th grade. And since I’ve been a Christian for many years, I’ve always tried to find a way to write compelling stories that would capture people’s hearts.

But I didn’t just want to leave them with a good story. I wanted to leave them with a changed heart and a changed mind. But how could I write stories that could also transform people while giving them something to look forward to finishing (or even starting for that matter)?

It wasn’t until I read The Circle Series by Ted Dekker that my thoughts on fiction changed completely. He wrote a story that was like an allegory on the spiritual life, except it was based in a world he had created.

Around the same time, I also read an allegory called The Door Within series that was also a representation of the spiritual life in a world he had created. In this world, there were knights, kings, castles, and even dragons (everything needed for an epic story). Everything in this story represented something in the spiritual life, so it helped me understand better what really happened during things such as spiritual battles and oppression.

An Overview of What I’ve Done So Far

Throughout the years, I’ve created a version of my own world that I want a few of my future book series to take place in. You can view a map of Etherium below. If you click on it, it’ll open a full resolution version where you can zoom in to view the details.

The Land Of Etherium - The world in Christian Fantasy Author Issak Friesen's The Song Of Elohim Saga

I’ve created multiple kingdoms, each with its own culture and and backstory. Ultimately, each of the kingdoms will represent a nation or culture who has already made an impact throughout our history.

I’ve also written multiple short stories that take place in this world. I have plans to release those in the years to come, because some of them are just not quite where I would want them to be yet.

Also, I now have my first official book on preorder! Check out my shop page to preorder Thoughts Of Kings.

Thoughts Of Kings - Short Story by Christian fantasy author Issak Friesen - Sneak peek

Look out for January’s update to see which stories will be coming next year!

An Overview Of What I Plan For Next Year

In 2024, I will be releasing multiple stories, some longer and some shorter. I’m still working out some of the details for the next few books that I release. I’ll have more details on this in my January update.

Thoughts Of Kings will be my first release, which is coming out in April 2024! It is the first story in a 5-story series that covers the events of David’s anointing and escaping from Saul. The series will follow his becoming king as well as his actions as king.

Throughout this series, you’ll notice a few references that will seem to raise a question. You’ll wonder why I would include such odd details. These will be details that I plan to expand on in future stories!

Thanks for joining me in this update!

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