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The End!

You’ve come to the end of the Dawnton journey! I sincerely thank you for playing. Feel free to play it again at any time to see how else the story turns out.

But I sincerely hope and pray that you understand the significance of the story. I wrote Dawnton with a mission. I thought about it every time I sat down to write. Here it is:

The purpose of Dawnton is to show the power of choice, but ultimately the power of God’s choice of saving whom He wishes and revealing Himself to whom He wishes in whatever form He wishes. It’s to show that ultimately everything is in God’s hands, regardless of what we choose.


I hope that this will give you all the more confidence in your fight against darkness. Here’s why it should. If God has allowed you to see the difference between the light and the darkness, it means that you are one of the chosen ones. So trust in Him. If you continue to trust in Him for the rest of your life, you will GUARENTEED meet Him in heaven one day, because He only allows those whom He has called to continue having faith in Him until the end. I pray that this confidence can be your motivation to continue the fight and NEVER GIVE UP.

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I like how this book, ties, ancient, spiritual, and modernity altogether. Awakened me about my choices in life and how those choices affect and shape us. Very meaningful read. Waiting for more though!!


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