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Thoughts Of Kings Coming April 1, 2024

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The Realm Of Kings

Five Connected Stories...

A Common Enemy...

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Dawnton is an interactive Etherium story where you'll experience the battle between good and evil!

Dawnton is an interactive story based in Christian Fantasy author Issak Friesen’s world known as Etherium. The city of Dawnton is under attack by the evil King Rolph. You are the commander of the defending army.

In this story, you get to determine the choices, and those choices will determine whether you win or lose! Will you choose to seek a peaceful solution or will you fight to the death? The power is now in your hands…

You may even discover a few secrets along the way…

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To cover production costs, Dawnton is priced at $2.99

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The land of Etherium contains 6 major kingdoms and several smaller organized groups. Etherium means “the entire visible, physical plane of existence”.

Everything in happening in Etherium points to our limited view of reality on Earth. In other words, the characters’ experiences in Etherium show us that reality on Earth isn’t limited to only our physical perspective, but rather extends into a much deeper reality than we ever knew or expected.

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About Issak Friesen

Christian Fantasy Author Issak Friesen

Issak Friesen is a Christian fantasy author with a vision: to find the answers to the toughest questions in life by writing stories that reveal the truths within.

His calling for writing was confirmed when he was accepted to be mentored for 6 months by Jerry Jenkins, a 21 times New York Times bestselling author.

But Issak’s vision for writing morphed into what it is today when he read books by Ted Dekker, who writes to explore truth through story.

Follow along as Issak writes and produces content to discover truth and bring it to light by the grace of God.